Services Available

Initial Consultation fee:

We meet at your home or other location to discuss what services might be appropriate.


Additional Consultation:

We can provide you with ongoing consultation for you or your loved one during the end of life process. We strive to be your advocate, liaison and coach as you negotiate this medical, legal and family dynamically challenging time.


Document organization

Paperwork assistance for Advanced Directives:

  • Durable power of attorney for health care
  • Health care directive (Living Will)





Writing a Death Plan:

We will provide a rich conversation with tools for you to write a Death Plan for yourself or for your loved ones. A Death Plan fills in the gaps of information not covered by a living will, last will and testament, Advanced Care Directive or funeral plan. It is designed to tie those plans together in a cohesive way for families and loved ones to follow with ease.


Companion Care:

We can provide 24 hour non-medical companion care for your loved one as they begin to decline. This can be at home or in an assisted living situation. We will also provide compassionate presence for clients who have begun their dying process. This includes individuals choosing VSED (Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking), Death with Dignity or other end of life paths.

Setting Sacred Space for the Dying:

During this vulnerable and highly emotional time, it is very helpful to create as many support measures around you as possible. One way to do this is to clear the space where the dying person is going to be of any negative energy or previous intentions so that a more open and calmer environment can help hold the tenderness of the dying process. Setting Sacred Space is to make a place Sacred or Holy with our intentions. We call in the Sacred into the space and ask for assistance in the supporting the dying process and to help support the network of family and friends as they work through the beginnings of their grieving cycle. It is also to create a feeling of expressed spirituality along with some physical form that is appropriate for the wishes of the client.


Pre-death blessing:

We offer a Pre-Death Blessing that is one of love and acceptance to all faiths and is open in its creation to include a variety of faith traditions, ethical and cultural needs. We believe the Sacred is available to all and that calling it by its many names is an option that can and should be supported when asked.


Death facilitation:

Sometimes due to either; medical interventions, medication use, dementia issues, emotional holding or other circumstances, a person can get “stuck” in their body during the dying process. This is when their body is ready to be done, but something is keeping them from allowing death to come. At this point it is often helpful for a Death Midwife to offer guidance verbally or psychically through gentle coaching and explanation to help the person’s spirit “out” of the body.


Post-death blessing:

We offer a Post-Death Blessing that is one of love and acceptance to all faiths and is open in its creation to include a variety of faith traditions, ethical and cultural needs. We believe the Sacred is available to all and that calling it by its many names is an option that can and should be supported when asked.

Ritual washing of the body:

At some point, usually within an hour, it is appropriate to begin washing the body.  This is done with the utmost care, respect and dignity for the person who has died. We encourage and coach the family or support network to prepare the body for the next part of the journey in a relaxed, healing, supported way.


Dressing and lying in honor:

We help coach the family on how to dress and prepare the body for the next part of the journey. Including preparing the casket/container or display area with draping or other decorative ornamentation.

Facilitation of body container decoration and/or blessing. (casket, shroud, box/urn):

Some of the options for casketing allow us to decorate the “casket” container. In all the below options it is our pleasure to help facilitate the process of decorating the casket, including what might go into the casket, in a loving supportive environment.

When we gather together to add poems, loving quotes, silly notes, writings on the casket, with art, decoupage, paint, watercolors, pens, markers, colored pencils and other methods, we participate actively in the processing of our grief. It helps move us along our grief cycle at a healthier and faster way. It is yet another way for our brain and emotional body to integrate the passing of a loved one.

Blessing services or ceremony at either: home, funeral home, cremation, graveside or other location   $200

 3 Day Vigil, Four options (Set up, facilitate, participate or run)

  • A) Vigil set up: $200
  • B) Vigil facilitate: $1,000 
  • C) Vigil participate up to 48 hours then hourly after that $25/hr over: $1,500
  • D) Run Vigil: $2,000

The vigil or wake, happens when the body of the deceased is kept at home for up to three days.  The 4 main reason for doing a vigil are these: In this process we honor the spirit of the deceased, it creates a deeper connection into and through the grieving cycle for the family and friends, helps bring death back as a natural process into the community culture and lastly, support the absorption of the sacred elements back to source.


Harp Sessions:

  • Full size harp: $75.00 an hour or $40.00 a half hour.
  • Reverie Harp: $30.00 an hour or $15.00/ half hour.

Clearing the space post-removal:

It can be very healing and helpful to clear the space where the dying and or dead person has been. This is in no means a way to remove all the memories or energy of the person who has died out of a place, but rather to clear the space of any negative energy or previous intentions so that a more open and calmer environment can help hold the tenderness of the grieving process.

  $40 short
$100 long
(1.5-2 hours several days post removal)



The Death Plan (click to view pdf)


Whatcom Hospice Foundation 
Whatcom Hospice Foundation’s primary purpose is to raise funds and friends for Whatcom Hospice.

Whatcom Hospice House
The Whatcom Hospice House enables patients with a limited life expectancy to live the final days of their lives in a comfortable, family-friendly environment. Patients receive the compassionate, individualized care they require in the comfort of a private room.  

NWRC: Aging and Elder Care
Currently, most of our efforts are as Northwest Washington’s Area Agency on Aging (AAA), one of thirteen such agencies in Washington State. We implement state and federal programs for seniors and people who need long-term care. These supportive services are referred to as community-based care. Some of the community-based care programs we fund are Senior Information & Assistance, Congregate Meals, Meals on Wheels, Respite Care, Adult Day Services, Case Management and Family Caregiver Support.

WAHA: End of Life Choices
WAHA End of Life Choices is a community-wide advance care planning program which offers residents the opportunity to reflect on their wishes for medical care when they cannot speak for themselves, and record their wishes in an Advance Directive Document. We offer free Community Workshops, and opportunities to meet with skilled and Certified Facilitators to help you identify personal goals for life-sustaining treatment.

The Art of Death Conference: Shifting the way we look at Death
A week long annual conference held in October with offerings of art, music, workshops, literature, film festival, art show, dance, lectures and more. 

Death Cafe
Death Café provides an opportunity for people to come together to explore and share stories, experiences, ideas, and philosophical thoughts around death and dying. In this singular way, the way of our deaths, we are one.

Palliative Care Institute
Creating a palliative community where people with serious illnesses don’t have to be cured to heal.

Peacehealth Palliative Care Department
Palliative care focuses on providing relief from the symptoms, pain and stress of a serious illness so that you can live life more comfortably. 

White Eagle Memorial Preserve Cemetery 
is a natural burial ground founded in 2008, licensed by the state of Washington, and certified as a COnservation Burial Ground by the Green Burial Council, a national non-profit certifying body. WEMP burial grounds spans 20 beautiful acres set within 1100 acres of permanently protected oak and ponderosa forest, meadow and steppe on the edge of spectacular Rock Creek Canyon near the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Our mission is to nourish this land while keeping it wild and to provide a natural alternative to the death care industry as it currently exists in America.

National Green Burial Council
The Green Burial Council is the environmental certification organization setting the standard for green burial in North America. We offer environmental certificates for funeral homes, cemeteries and product manufacturers.

The Meadow at Moles Greenacres
Moles Farewell Tributes is honored to introduce The Meadow, the first natural burial ground in Western Washington to be certified by the Green Burial Council. The Meadow Natural Burial Ground at Moles Greenacres Memorial Park allows families the option to lay loved ones to rest in a serene and natural environment. 

End of Life Washington (formerly called Compassion & Choices)
Compassion & Choices is the leading nonprofit organization committed to helping everyone have the best death possible. We offer free consultation, planning resources, referrals and guidance, and across the nation we work to protect and expand options at the end of life.

Whatcom Cremation & Funeral
We are the community’s affordable funeral home; for 27 years we’ve provided alternative cremations and burials that are creative, compassionate, and caring.

National Home Funeral Alliance
The NHFA empowers families to care for their own dead by providing educational opportunities and connections to resources that promote environmentally sound and culturally nurturing death practices.



What is a Death Doula?

What is a Death Midwife?

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